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Market report DECEMBER 2020

The situation remains tense in the vegetable oil markets with continuous increases in many of them. The prices of soybean, sunflower and palm oils are at their highest in recent years and have continued to rise during the month of December in a bullish rally that began in June. Only rapeseed oil, with a slight drop in recent days, and coconut, which has remained flat, break the trend for other oils. The harvests and the supply and demand situation do not foresee a significant correction in the short term. The 19/20 season was the first in years in which the global production of the main oils and fats was lower than total consumption, thus cutting stocks at the end of the season. The attached table shows the prices of the main oils and their variation in the period from December 4 to 22:

As positive news for the new year, the forecasts speak of a notable increase in palm oil production (more than 4 million tons), due in part to the increase in the use of fertilizers favored by high oil prices. In order to better understand these and other points, we invite you to download and continue reading the LIPSA market report that we attach below, where you can see:

1.      Reference Markets Evolution

2.      Balance of oilseeds and oils

3.      Palm Oil

4.      Lauric Oils

5.      Sunflower oil

6.      Soybean oil

7.      Rapeseed Oil