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Sustainability Progress Report 2022

We are pleased to share with you the 2022 Sustainability Progress Report of our activities and operations regarding the palm, soy and coconut oil supply chains.

For the fourth consecutive year we follow our partner Earthworm Foundation‘s framework in the palm oil and soybean oil supply chain. And for coconut oil, we are working towards responsible sourcing in collaboration with Proforest.

We stand by what we said last year: for LIPSA, sustainability is a journey, not a destination. By 2025 we aim to achieve 100% traceability to plantation and 100% deforestation-free volume for palm oil and traceability and verification for soybean oil, while upholding the principles of the Sustainable Coconut Partnership, which we joined last April.

LIPSA continues to align and commit to the goals being set by the industry, both at the level of our main customers and our competitors.

Check out the video we prepared with the most important findings and achievements of the last year:



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