Food for Human Consumption


Our high-quality fats for toppings, fillings and spreadable creams provide texture, are easy to work with, have good crystallisation and prevent fat bloom.

Products for Confectionery


We have a wide portfolio of coating fats that help our clients create excellent quality products, with high resistance to oil exudation, avoiding fat blooming and obtaining good cracking, without the need for tempering.

Solcao NH

Non-hydrogenated vegetable products developed for toppings, providing an excellent organoleptic experience.

Solcao super

Range of special vegetable products with a melting curve that provides freshness in the mouth, with high consistency at room temperature and is easy to work with. The final product is brilliant with an excellent “cracking”.

Solcao D

Oils and fats developed for toppings providing an excellent organoleptic experience.

Solcao DI

Range of plant products developed for excellent crystallisation and a high quality end result.

Solcao C-HB

Product based on lauric and non-lauric raw materials, which give the final product a very good crystallization, good cracking and high gloss. Obtaining a high quality coating in substitution of cocoa butter and without palm.

Solcao P/BB 100

Sunflower based product with an improved crystallization to give the final product a high quality hardness and cracking. Being sunflower based, its nutritional profile is better than that of other alternatives, reducing the percentage of saturates in the final product.

Fillers & Biscuits Creams

We offer a wide variety of products that meet the challenges of our clients for applications such as tablet fillings, truffles, pralines or toffee.


The LIPICREM product range stands out for its good performance in fillings with a good melting point and a fresh mouthfeel. It stands out for its performance in the final product avoiding oil exudation.

Lipicrem R 130

Our LIPICREM R product range is based on non-hydrogenated, low trans, low saturated and palm-free products. This product range is very versatile which makes it ideal for various types of creams and fillings.

Lipicrem R 160

This product starts from the same base as its namesake, but with a creamier texture, which makes it very useful for cookie fillings without the need to use palm.

Lipicrem R 180

This product is similar to LIPICREM R 160, but is specially designed for products that need a fat with higher solids, a harder texture and that can withstand higher temperatures without exuding oil.

Spreadable creams

We have various ranges of products so that our clients can offer spreadable creams adapted to market preferences and trends. Our oils and fats provide excellent texture and quality in the final product.


Range of products for liquid and creamy confectionery with excellent stability, taste and consistency.


Oils and fats with excellent crystallisation and high stability for spreadable creams, which prevent the final product from exuding oil.

Lipifat NH

Range of non-hydrogenated products, low in saturates and without trans fats, with good stability and providing a smooth and creamy texture for spreadable creams of excellent quality.

Lipifat NH 129

Non-hydrogenated product based on cocoa and high oleic sunflower butter, which enhances the basic characteristics of cocoa butter. This allows not having to temper the product, obtaining a faster and more consistent crystallization and a higher stability.

Lipifat NH 129/73

This product is mainly used for spreadable creams and for creamier fillings, without the need of having such a solid structure, but avoiding that the liquid part comes out of the cream and that we observe a difference of phases.